An Inside Look: Video Surveillance In Today's Channel

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Tony Sorrentino, President of ScanSource Security, talks with Jameson Publishing and Business Solutions magazine President Jim Roddy in this exclusive Executive-To-Executive interview conducted at the 2013 ScanSource Partner Conference in Austin, TX.

Sorrentino shares his perspective on the shift from break-fix to the as-a-Service business model, obstacles to Video Surveillance-as-a-Service, growing verticals for physical security, and actions successful integrators are taking to increase their sales through security technologies.

"It’s exciting to be here at the conference and see conversations taking place between our security integrators and point of sale dealers,” Sorrentino says. “A lot of the point of sale guys are either looking for new products that they can sell, and video surveillance is a natural for people that have end user relationships. They want to learn about the technology, or they want to find a company that they can trust that they can partner with with expertise in the security space."

Regarding as-a-Service, Sorrentino says, “We have several partners now that are making (Security-as-a-Service) a primary part of their practice. It really has the potential to be a game changer. Today it’s at the smaller solutions size – a small retailer of a coffee shop – where there’s a need for two to four cameras. They don’t have the money up front to pay for a complete solution. ... We have one customer in particular that does a lot of business with us, and this is really their go-to-market strategy. This is where they’re focusing their efforts on providing these types of solutions. They’ve fundamentally changed their business from hardware to that recurring monthly revenue model.”

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