Case Study

Case Study: Alstom Ensures Business Continuity Of Beijing Metro Maintenance System With SteelEye® LifeKeeper®

Alstom Transport, a global leader in equipment and services for power generation and rail transport, has selected SteelEye Technology to protect data and mission-critical applications of the maintenance system services for Beijing Metro Line 2. Line 2 is a 16km circle line surrounding central Beijing and connects the Olympic Centre to the Airport Express Line, which runs from the town centre to Beijing's Capital Airport.

SteelEye LifeKeeper controls and manages high availability and potential faults to ensure the continuous availability of maintenance services for these crucial metro lines in China's capital.

Alstom integrates the Urbalis™ solution, the most advanced signalling system in the world. It is the brain and the nervous system of a mass transit network and its function is to control train movement, ensure train safety and optimize traffic operations while providing system maintenance. In addition, its Maintenance Supervision System (MSS) centralizes detection of failures in trackside equipment, providing remote diagnostics to forecast train stopping with swift and efficient replacement of faulty equipment.