White Paper

Allworx VoIP White Paper

The Allworx family of IP based telephone systems and VoIP phones are designed to meet the communications and networking needs of typical small businesses, while also simplifying the setup and maintenance of the voice infrastructure for business owners. The primary mission of the Allworx product line is to deliver to small businesses the most recent round of IT technologies (including VoIP) in "turnkey" solutions that previously were only practical for large enterprises with full-time administrative teams. While Allworx makes voice solutions much easier to use and deploy, having a high-level grasp of the various technologies involved goes a long way toward understanding VoIP systems better and being able to diagnose issues that may occur.

This paper is intended to be a tutorial on several topics as they relate to deploying and maintaining digital phones on a VoIP network. In particular, this document aims to arm administrators, installers, and network planners with information to help them take advantage of the new technologies associated with moving voice traffic over data networks, both on a LAN and across several sites via a WAN.