Magazine Article | March 20, 2013

Aeris POS Systems Brings Success To Their Resellers By Bringing End Users A Better Way Of Doing Business

By Mike Burris, CEO, Aeris POS Systems

What differences can resellers expect with Aeris?
Aeris POS is a true cloud computing system. It is priced to match the emerging purchasing trends in today’s marketplace. It allows our partners to offer their merchants a more competitive (SaaS) model. Unlike legacy “boxed application” or “gimmick pricing” models, it is more akin to buying a utility service, with smaller up-front costs and monthly fees based on those services each merchant actually uses. By definition SaaS pricing includes the cost of software support, just as cloud computing means upgrades are a thing of the past. Over the life of a system, the costs for a true cloud computing solution is less expensive than costs associated with a conventional, legacy POS installation.

What are the advantages to the Aeris Reseller Partner Program?
The Aeris Reseller Partner Program gives VARs the opportunity to expand their business by taking a new approach to their customer base and expanding their product offering. There is a lot of discussion right now about the reseller’s need to diversify. Aeris is focused on bringing a creative solution to the retail and hospitality venues. The Aeris POS System is a robust structure of integrated peripheral products such as digital signage, security, KDS, and menu boards; all interacting together in the cloud. Besides the traditional POS functions, we offer Aeris Self-Order, Kiosks, and Unattended Drive Thru, which give the reseller unique opportunities to expand their position in the marketplace.

Tied to these POS advances are features designed to give our end user customers distinct advantages in today’s “social driven” marketplace.

What other advantages does Aeris offer their resellers and end-users?
Aeris was designed using a completely different approach to POS. It was built from the back office forward. Years before we launched Aeris as a point of sale solution, we began to create the most powerful, comprehensive business system ever designed for hospitality and retail companies. From inception, our intent was to give end users the best tools possible to run their business better, and to build it in such a way that it never loses viability.

Do you offer your resellers support?
We are committed to making our reseller partners successful in their regions. Aeris assumes the role of first responder to all support calls. End user customers can contact our 24/7 live support line and get issues resolved quickly. Resellers have complete, immediate transparency to their own customer base, but typically only go on-site when a local presence is required. With Aeris’ unmatched reliability and redundancy, our resellers are free to put more revenue and personnel into selling.

We offer strong, hands-on support from our own sales and support team. We work with our reseller partners to help them market our product to their potential customers.

What kind of reseller partners best fit your products?
Aeris is looking for forward thinking VARs that have strong customer connections in their region and recognize they must branch out to compete successfully. We are looking for resellers who are driven to expand their scope of sales by pursuing regional multi-unit and chain business that they may have previously been unable to compete for because their product offerings, or product partners, lacked the strength to win the business.

Who do interested resellers contact at Aeris for more information?
Dave Miller, Sales Director
(816) 474-0118, ext 463
Direct (816) 714-9060

Contact Information
Aeris POS Systems
Dave Miller, Sales Director
(816) 474-0118, ext 463
Direct (816) 714-9060