White Paper

Advantages Of PCL-Enabled Thermal Barcode Printers In Distribution And Transportation: Cutting Out The Middleware

Source: Source Technologies, LLC

This white paper from Source Technologies discusses barcode technology in the distribution and transportation industry and the advantages of using thermal barcode printers that utilize Printer Control Language (PCL) – the industry standard. PCL allows for easy integration into your current operating system and supports dozens of scalable fonts, eliminating the need for customized middleware interfaces and the possibility of an unsuitable font being used.

This paper also covers the demands of event-driven supply chain management, eliminating complexity and simplifying communications with PCL-enabled thermal barcode printers, total cost of ownership for middleware compared to PCL-enabled printing, and the benefits of user-optimized thermal printer hardware from Source Technologies.

PCL has been an industry standard in LaserJet printing since 1984, but adoptions in the thermal printing industry has been slow. This paper notes some reasons to switch to PCL thermal barcode printers, one of which is:

  • PCL is standardized to run on a variety of operating systems: Microsoft, Mac, Linux and others, so it is independent of any application software running on a computer. This ensures faster and easier plug-play integration, getting your printer systems up and running sooner.

Download this white paper below for more information about the advantages of using PCL-enabled thermal barcode printers.