Case Study

Advanced MicroSystems Halves On-Site Visits With AVG CloudCare

Source: AVG Business

Kevin Landry is the CEO of Advanced MicroSystems, a full-service IT consulting company that has been in business since 1996. The firm has 7 employees and serves about 70 clients on an ongoing basis, who have approximately 1,100 workstations and servers. The average client is a small business with around 15 to 20 employees. Niche markets include law firms and nonprofits. While the majority of clients are located within an hour’s drive of Advanced MicroSystems’ office in Lewiston, Maine, some clients have multi-state locations.

The Situation:

Like many break-fix resellers, Advanced MicroSystems used to spend a lot of time on site at its clients’ offices troubleshooting individual settings on their workstations. Now, says Landry, “With cloud-based services, we spend far less time troubleshooting tiny little problems and can focus on preventative maintenance and larger projects. We can service our clients much more efficiently – especially with remote deployment of services such as AVG CloudCare.”

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