Magazine Article | February 16, 2012

Integrator's Guide To Access Control Biometric Systems

By Business Solutions magazine.

Most Significant Trends

The Use Of Smartphones Instead Of Keys And Cards — "Bluetooth access control readers provide a secure, lowcost, long-range proximity reader that integrates with existing systems and can also operate as a stand-alone system by attaching them directly to a door-strike or gate." Paul Bodell, president, ECKey

Integration With Other Systems — "These products are growing toward an expectation of needing to be fully integrated solutions, integrated with other applications that also now ride on the IP network. For example, video, energy management, time and attendance, asset management and control, intrusion, etc." Jeff Brummett, VP of security solutions, BlueStar

Open Architecture Software Working With Multiple Third- Party Door Controllers — "Historically, in the access control segment, the majority of solutions were provided by a specific software vendor that worked with its own specific door controller, typically manufactured by the same company. Open architecture software allows end users to use multiple types of door controllers with the same software interface." Steve Bocking, business development manager — A&E and technology partners, Genetec

All-In-One Devices — "One trend is with door handles integrated with the card reader, release, and onboard memory so the units can continue to operate even if the head unit goes down. I have regularly heard customers exclaim how easy it makes installation." Ian Siemer, director of marketing, OpenEye

Complete Turnkey Systems — “Combine biometric scanning and authentication ability in a shared server environment that monitors video security devices and provides biometric access control. This provides a seamless access control/video surveillance system in an easy-to-monitor and cost-effective solution. Solutions of this type operate in a localized enterprise environment or are scalable via wireless and or Web-based servers for remote monitoring and control of the security system.” Doug Bolden, U.S. business development manager, Hanscan

Tie Physical With Logical Security — “Software can unify the information from disparate systems to create a single identity across the enterprise. Integrated with logical security systems, software can ensure synchronized and policy-based on-/offboarding of identities and their physical access levels across multiple security systems.” Ajay Jain, president and CEO, Quantum Secure

Tips & Advice For Success

Make Your Life Easier — “Make sure that solutions are browser-based for easy remote management and that they work across multiple hardware and software platforms. Only deploy standards-based solutions (H.264 for compression, HDTV for video quality, ONVIF for camera integration, Wiegand for readers, etc.)” Jumbi Edulbehram, VP of business development, Next Level Security Systems

Security — “Select vendors that provide strong hardware and software products that allow easy development of applications or integration into existing databases. Consider vendor software applications to ease client deployments and avoid costly and time-consuming software development efforts.” Doug Bolden, U.S. business development manager, Hanscan

Standardize — “Open architecture access control software will allow you to master one software that will control multiple brands of door controllers, instead of learning a different software for each different door controller.” Steve Bocking, business development manager — A&E and technology partners, Genetec

Leverage Your Broad Outlook — “Integrators who are IT specialists may offer a higher level of expertise and have a broader outlook than some security-specific systems integrators who have traditionally dominated the channel. Integrators can apply the benefit of their broader outlook to maximize solutions to meet the customer’s total information technology needs.” Ajay Jain, president and CEO, Quantum Secure