From The Editor | August 29, 2013

Access Control And Video Surveillance News From August 2013

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

BSM-Security Camera

Each month, Business Solutions collects and sorts through all the relevant channel news so you don't have to. This month in Access Control And Video Surveillance, companies announce new products and new solutions.

LILIN Introduces New Project Planner

LILIN’s new Project Planner software enables security installers to design a complete system in three steps: defining the site, creating a product list, and making the design and specifications. In the first step, installers upload an image of the site. The second step is to drag and drop security cameras onto the site image (moving and scaling cameras based on their angle view) and to build a “shopping list,” including recording solutions and accessories. The third step is to create a PDF of the project or request a quote for the plan from LILIN. Once complete, the project is saved securely in your account, where you are free to edit or use it as you wish.

American Dynamics Adds IP Camera To Line

American Dynamics, part of the security products business unit of Tyco, has introduced the Illustra Compact IP Mini-Domes, which are high-definition IP cameras. They were designed to be compact and to blend into the background of any application. The cameras are available in 720p or 1080p models. Features include motion detection, low-light performance, digital wide dynamic range, 2D noise reduction, a 3-axis gimbal, and factory focusing. They support the ONVIF 2.3 profile S specification for IP cameras, which allows for integration of recording platforms that comply with this specification.

Ocularis VMS Enables Smartphone Incident Reporting And Cloud-Based Analysis

A new integration between OnSSI’s Ocularis video management software (VMS) platform and the ELERTS software solution enables security personnel to receive immediate, actionable information about incidents detected by video surveillance. When an individual with a smartphone submits an incident report using the application, ELERTS cloud-based software matches the GPS location of that smartphone with a database of camera fieldof-view polygons. Information is instantly sent to Ocularis, which then automatically pushes live footage from the camera closest to the incident to a command center or other display.