Video | March 5, 2012

A Storage VAR Brings Enterprise Backup To SMBs

Source: Axcient

Integrated Enterprise Solutions, Inc. - Eric Gorman, Owner

In Brief

  • Chose Axcient because it is a complete, all-in-one solution
  • Saved time and costs associated with managing clients' data needs
  • Attracts more customers because of Axcient's robust capabilities

Axcient's data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solution has enabled Integrated Enterprise Solutions (IES) to provide additional services to existing clients and has increased their opportunities for gaining new customers.

IES is a managed service provider with about 100 customers in the small and medium-sized business market covering a broad range of sectors including financial, manufacturing, retail, government, and medical. The primary challenge for IES was to bring their clients an affordable, enterprise-level data protection service package. Axcient fulfilled these requirements and the file-and-folder backup, near instantaneous business continuity, and rapid disaster recovery services also opened new doors for IES to attract a larger customer base.

"My overall experience with Axcient could not be better: A partner that feels like part of my organization, a solution that is enterprise level protection, and rock solid technology. I firmly believe that every SMB should be using Axcient solution, as it provides an edge in business today."