News | March 13, 2014

A Smart Alternative From PrehKeyTec

A smart card is a plastic card containing an embedded computer chip providing tamper proof storage and transaction of data. The stored data contains either a value, information or both. This data is processed within the card’s chip and is transacted though an integrated reader/writer in our keyboard. Smart cards improve the convenience and security of any transaction. Applications for smart card include retail, healthcare, banking, entertainment and transportation. Any current applications for bar code and MSR can benefit from the convenience and security smart cards provide.

Smart cards were introduced in Europe nearly three decades ago. PrehKeyTec keyboards with integrated smartcard reader/writers are installed worldwide. We can even work with you to tailor a solution specific to your customer’s application. Our integrated contact reader/writer operates with smart cards to obtain card information and perform a transaction. The smart card integrated option is available for our MCI3100, MCI128, MCI96, MCI84 and MC147 keyboards.

The EMV 3.1.1 and ISO 7816 certified smart card reader module for our MCI and MC family of products allows users to read and write to chip cards of types T=0, T=1, I²C, 2-wire, 3-wire and PTS. Drivers for the popular Windows operating systems are available. ACT-API interface can be placed on the PC/SC interface. For more information, visit

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PrehKeyTec is a leading manufacturer of data input devices with an industry reputation for highly reliable products. PrehKeyTec solutions are installed in demanding operating conditions requiring high quality data entry systems. Applications include use in grocery, banking, healthcare and other operating environments that require dependable long-term performance, configuration flexibility and high reliability. For more information, visit

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