Guest Column | May 30, 2013

A Marriage Of Education & IP Video


Steve Surfaro, security industry liaison, Axis Communications

Decision making in education security on campus varies with the complexity of the property, number and type of sites, and, of course, the most important assets: students, faculty and staff.

In the case of the independent K-12 facility, security lies with school superintendent, facility manager or, in the case of higher risk, a manager of child protective services.  If there are a number of facilities, as in a “school district,” site security management is still required for operations and often has influence in the decision. However, school security policy, system specification, project management and purchasing moves to a centralized management team that can better interact with industry and maintain compliance.

When the total number of sites is in the tens or hundreds, a school construction authority holds responsibility for all previously described aspects up to the point when the site is turned over to the school facility and operations group.

The case of higher education has a dual design and operations responsibility for the campus safety and security director, coupled with additional members of the project team.  IT management and, as applicable, campus law enforcement have differing degrees of decision influence and are actively involved with system operations.

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