From The Editor | November 27, 2013

A Look At Cloud Security From Your Customers' Perspective

Source: Tech Data Corporation
Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson


As a cloud storage solutions provider, you bear a burden of making sure your customers’ data is secure. Do you take the time also to consider the burden your customers bear? An article in a recent edition of Authority, published by Tech Data, “Your Data Has Left The Building,” is a realistic look at the risks people and organizations face when they make the decision to store data in the cloud. The article quotes Mark S.A. Smith, co-founder of Outsource Channel Executive, Inc., who states, “Assume that if it’s in the cloud, anyone with sufficient motivation can access it, legally or illegally.”

It is appropriate for certain data to be stored in the cloud — such as sales and website data — but can an organization sustain a data breach that gives access to trade secrets or confidential customer information?

In the article, Smith gives three suggestions to help your customers make an informed decision about using the cloud for storage:

  • What is the organization’s objective in using the cloud?
  • How does this objective support the vision of the company’s business systems?
  • What are the alternatives to being in the cloud?

It also urges them — with your help — to establish a risk and compliance management program as a part of a total security solution.

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