E-Book | January 17, 2018

A Field Guide To Marketing In The IT Channel

Source: Barracuda MSP
Best practices

It’s an unfortunate reality that marketing often gets overlooked or ignored by MSPs and IT service providers. For many, marketing is some- thing that’s outside their skill set and their comfort zone. For others, limited resources and competing priorities mean they don’t have time to give marketing the attention it deserves.

Whatever the cause, though, the results are the same—these service providers are missing a critical opportunity to grow their business and make it more successful.

But as an IT service provider, how can you tell if you’re doing enough marketing or spending your time on the right marketing tactics? To help answer this question, we surveyed more than 150 IT service providers about their marketing habits to find out what’s working and what’s not, and the results were eye-opening.

Overwhelmingly, MSPs who feel highly confident that their marketing activities will help them achieve their business goals are doing more marketing across the board in nearly every category than MSPs who aren’t confident about their efforts. The gulf between the two is wide, and many of the things confident MSP marketers are doing, companies that aren’t confident have no plans to address.

How do your marketing habits compare? Let’s find out.