News | February 13, 2017

A Faster EMV Solution Has Arrived

As EMV adoption steadily grows in the US, there remains a segment of merchants who have, until now, opted out of the technology.  They have postponed the transition because they determined it to be impractical for their business due to long transaction processing times. Although chip cards have been proven to reduce fraud and shift the liability in the event of chargebacks, the time lag of each transaction has been a deterrent for this particular segment.  However, that is all about to change with the advent of Cardknox Quick Chip.

“Standard EMV transactions can typically take 5-10 seconds, whereas with Cardknox Quick Chip, the card is only inserted in the terminal for an average of 3 seconds,” said Yanky Weiss, CTO at Cardknox. “Cardknox Quick Chip technology is a game changer for these merchants. They benefit from the security and liability shift of EMV without the loss of sales or increased customer frustration because of the lag time.”

For supermarkets or fast food restaurants, transaction time is a high priority.  For instance, a deli operating in the financial district of Manhattan processes the bulk of its transactions during lunch hour, in the small window between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm. Waiting 10 seconds per transaction is simply not an option, and therefore these merchants have delayed implementing EMV. When it is busy at a grocery store, time is money, and many customers need to be serviced in a short amount of time. Merchants such as these needed a quicker EMV solution. Cardknox has a solution that provides VARs with a better opportunity to sell their systems to these sectors.

Cardknox is a developer-friendly EMV solution that supports Verifone, PAX, and Ingenico terminals with PCI-validated P2PE and can be integrated with POS systems using only a few lines of code. Offering gateway-only or integrated payments with the lowest rates and most aggressive residuals in the industry, Cardknox serves thousands of customers across every major industry throughout the United States, UK, and Canada.

Mark Paley, Director of Partner Sales at Cardknox further elaborated on the simple integration path of Cardknox Quick Chip. “We aimed to create a solution that would be ideal for merchants in any industry. Cardknox Quick Chip technology is easy to integrate with both traditional and browser-based (cloud) point of sale systems, and is already integrated with many POS systems. We at Cardknox pride ourselves on a unique solution-oriented approach to payments. We deliver simple and practical solutions for developers to quickly integrate EMV, as well as the highest level of payments functionality and security for their clients.” 

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