News | May 27, 2011

6fusion Releases Integration With Autotask IT Business Management Platform

Platform integration will help Managed Service Providers easily deliver and Invoice cloud - based infrastructure services

6fusion, the leading provider of 100% channel-focused Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms and services announced today the formal release of integration between their UC6 Cloud Management Platform and the Autotask cloud-based IT Business Management platform.

The first phase of the integration includes the ability to link customer accounts between UC6 and Autotask, export information about UC6 hosted infrastructure to Autotask, and upload utility meter readings to simplify and expedite monthly billing for IaaS services. "Being able to manage and bill cloud-based infrastructure using the same tools, processes, and procedures you use with physical infrastructure is one of the keys to successfully bridging the divide between traditional IT and the cloud," said Rob Bissett, VP of Product Management at 6fusion. "This integration makes it simpler for Service Providers to capitalize on the growing recurring revenue opportunity that cloud-based infrastructure presents."

The export of cloud-hosted infrastructure information, including virtual firewalls, servers, and other assets will help automate back office operations by allowing systems to be tracked, managed, and supported in the same fashion as other physical infrastructure. This provides MSPs with the ability to standardize their operational processes and drive additional scalability and profitability.

"Tracking, cost-accounting, and billing for cloud services can be a real challenge for service providers—especially if they are blending those services with other offerings," said Len DiCostanzo, Autotask Sr. VP of Business Development. "6Fusion's integration of their meter readings with the automated invoice capabilities of Autotask greatly simplifies the process of billing customers."

The integration also allows IaaS invoicing to be standardized and included with regular monthly recurring service contracts. This simplified process results in lower costs to the service provider, fewer errors and increased scalability and profitability. For more information, visit

About 6fusion
6fusion's UC6 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform provides an end-to-end cloud management platform for public, private and hybrid clouds, viewable in a single console. Users can choose the actual data center that houses their workloads, overcoming many of the concerns about using the cloud. And unlike many 'cloud plays' in the market, 6fusion's iNode Network is not limited by any one type of application architecture, format or operating system. The biggest differentiator is 6fusion's unique metering algorithm – the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC) – which turns the cloud into a pay-per-use billable utility and provides valuable insight into consumption and cost performance.

About Autotask Corporation
Autotask Corporation provides the world's leading hosted IT Business Management software built specifically for VARs, MSPs, and other technology solution providers to help them run their businesses better. The software is available on demand to help IT solution providers to sell, implement, deliver and bill their technology products & services.

SOURCE: 6fusion