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White Paper: 10 Questions To Ask Before You Buy An Anti-Spam Solution

An anti-spam solution is one of the most important security products you can buy to protect both your network and your company's productivity. There are a lot of anti-spam products on the market. How do you select the right product at the right price for your environment? Read this quick guide to the questions you should ask before you pull out your checkbook!

One way manufacturers cut costs is to use extremely cheap components in their appliances, resulting in a high percentage of DOA and defects on arrival, as well as a high failure rate in the field. Another way they make prices look low is to showcase the low-end models that offer only limited functionality – in reality you'll have to buy several appliances to do the work, meaning double or triple the cost.

All WatchGuard appliances, regardless of model, include our enterprise-class email security technology. We build every appliance to be a stand-alone solution, providing not only industry leading spam protection, but data loss prevention and optional email encryption.