Michael Papetti

Michael Papetti is the Technical Lead at Synametrics Technologies, a NJ-based firm which has been providing IT professionals and computer systems developers with innovative software solutions since 1997. Based on the success of their initial products (WinSQL and DeltaCopy), the company continues to create new products that help its customers get more from their computer-applications, databases and infrastructure. To date, over one million users around the world are using Synametrics solutions to help power their accelerated business or personal computing needs. The company recently unveiled its latest version of Syncrify, a private-cloud data storage and backup/recovery software. Visit their website (www.synametrics.com) for additional information.

  • 6 Tips To Help Provide Your IT Clients With Safe Remote Computing

    As a provider of IT services for a variety of businesses, I have witnessed a myriad of Internet vulnerability issues, especially as more and more work is performed on the road. My company, Synametrics, provides software solutions that help companies share their valuable, often crucially private information both securely and efficiently. But these tools must be combined with user vigilance.

  • Not All Of Your IT Clients Want The Cloud

    Cloud computing is the hot thing in IT and your clients might be hearing it’s inevitable. Marketers will try to convince your clients that their data should be in the cloud, sooner or later. Maybe. Maybe not.