Len DiCostanzo

Len DiCostanzo is the Senior Vice President of Community and Business Development for Autotask.

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    When it comes to IT, it’s pretty clear that cost is boss. In today’s business climate, how could it not be? Companies rely on IT more than ever as they strive to remain competitive within their industries.

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    When Business Solutions interviewed Len DiCostanzo, senior vice president of community and business development for Autotask, for the article “Making The Case For Managed Services,” he also listed the three biggest mistakes new managed services providers (MSPs) make.

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    Len DiCostanzo, senior VP of community and business development for Autotask, gives four tips to help improve pricing strategies to increase profits on IT solutions.

  • Q&A: Treat Customer Interaction Like An Important Date

    As a former solution provider, our goal was to own each piece of technology that helps support and run the client’s business. This thought process is still the way it has to be done today. It is not about owning the office, but owning the IT solutions that resolve business needs, wherever those solutions are housed. By Len DiCostanzo, senior VP of business development, Autotask