Jonathan Buckley

  • A Look At What’s In Store For Business Intelligence In 2016

    The year 2015 has been big for technology and its methods for helping businesses grow, evolve, and discover new levels of success. And as 2016 begins, it’s clear that business intelligence is going to benefit more than ever before.

  • 5 Essential Aspects Of A Data Privacy Policy

    Failure to make a good privacy policy could open a company up to possible lawsuits, fines, regulatory audits, and more. To improve a company’s privacy policy, companies should seriously consider the following tips.

  • 4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Big Data

    Big Data has become one of the most reliable tools for businesses to discover more about their audience, focus their marketing plans, and boost their sales. Although it’s a complicated process, once it’s understood and harnessed, the benefits are immediate and long lasting.

  • How To Do Real-Time Analytics The Right Way

    Many businesses are pushing their IT departments to not just adopt Big Data solutions, but to enact real-time analytics operations. While the benefits are certainly genuine, real-time analytics can be a complicated topic, with many companies doing it incorrectly or for the wrong reasons. With the demand for real-time analytics seemingly growing daily among numerous different types of industries, businesses need to understand the difference between doing it the right away and doing it poorly.

  • How Swipes, Taps, And More Can Protect Your IT Clients Against Online Fraudsters

    Do you know that every two seconds someone’s identity is stolen? There are several ways to combat this such as getting creative and random with passwords and PIN numbers, refusing to provide personal information over the phone, shredding receipts and bank statements, and keeping a close eye on credit card statements.

  • Will Intelligence-as-a-Service Be The Next Opportunity For Solutions Providers?

    To say that the cloud has taken the world by storm wouldn’t do the technology justice. In the span of only a few years, cloud computing has become an indispensable tool for most businesses and other organizations. There are many reasons for the growing phenomenon, but perhaps the biggest one is the cloud’s versatility.

  • Big Data Can Boost HR For Your IT Clients, But Are HR Reps Being Left Behind?

    Big Data has already become a common sight in nearly every aspect of business, so why not human resources? After all, Big Data can introduce some tremendous benefits to business areas such as marketing, finance, and sales. Those same benefits can be applied to the human resources department at companies all over the world, giving HR representatives a boost in their work.

  • The White House Is Jumping On The Chief Data Officer Trend, Will Enterprises Follow Suit?

    Government isn’t known for being on the cutting edge of innovation, because bureaucracy often interferes with decision making. It takes a lot of waiting and discussing before something actually gets done, especially when compared to the more nimble private sector.

  • A Marketer’s Guide To Data Science

    Big Data holds lots of potential, but hasn’t quite lived up to the hype everyone originally expected. Many companies have heavily invested in building data strategies, but ROI has been slower than they anticipated. For the moment, many point the finger at still developing technologies, inexperienced professionals, and a lack of communication between analysts and marketers.