Ari Bixhorn

Ari Bixhorn is senior VP at Panopto, responsible for driving awareness and understanding of Panopto’s enterprise video platform. Prior to Panopto, Bixhorn worked at Microsoft Corporation for 12 years, writing speeches for CEO Steve Ballmer, leading business development in the Windows division, and driving product management efforts within the Developer Tools division.

  • The ABCs Of Flipped Classrooms: What IT Solutions Providers Need To Know

    Over the last few years, the flipped classroom has rapidly gained popularity among teachers and school administrators. According to recent studies, one in three teachers are considering flipping their classrooms, with one in four school administrators interested in implementing this trend. This shift in pedagogy represents a huge market opportunity for IT solutions providers who will be called upon to help develop processes and implement the technologies that facilitate the flipped classroom for teachers, administrators and students.

  • The Secret To Increasing Channel Productivity: Video

    Today more than ever, your employees need to be subject matter experts: experts in your customers’ organizations and challenges, experts in the latest technologies and services-based business models, experts in finding new sales leads — and experts in managing vendor relationships, sometimes in the face of channel conflict or inadequate support. In a business environment defined by increasing competition, rapidly evolving technology, lengthening sales cycles, and cloud-based disintermediation, the knowledge of your employees is your greatest sustainable competitive differentiator.