White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Your #1 Source for Expanding Your Recurring-Revenue Practice

    Adding to your service offering and setting up monthly recurring revenue can be a major change for your business. But you don’t have to do it alone! Based on more than 30 years of experience, the new Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service is designed to help you navigate the path to your definition of success.

  2. Saving Client Data & Business Operations With Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

    The Massachusetts-based company uses its unique perspective to serve partners and customers across all industries who have one thing in common: the desire for enterprise-class data protection and disaster recovery.

  3. Secrets Of The BDR Sale

    The true workings of a network are rarely seen and should not be heard. This, in particular, goes for a BDR. The only unfortunate part of this reality is that it is one of the precise reasons why it’s so difficult to sell a BDR solution to a new client.

  4. 2013 State Of Cloud Backup: MSPs Missing The Mark

    Solution providers continue to miss a significant opportunity to protect their clients and boost their bottom lines with cloud-based backup and recovery services, according to the new State of Cloud Backup survey from channel consulting and research firm The 2112 Group and Business Solutions Magazine on behalf of cloud backup provider Intronis.

  5. Success: Turning Your MSP Strategy On Its Head

    Managed services is among the most important business models in the channel, soaring toward maturity with its promise of deeper customer entanglement, increased recurring revenues and greater profits for solution providers that can master its idiosyncrasies. Moreover, the rapid onset of cloud computing in key managed services areas such as backup and recovery is accelerating the model’s potential for growth.

  6. The Ultimate Guide To Selling Cloud Backup

    Nearly half of all businesses in the IT channel are now offering managed services according to a January 2013 CompTIA report titled Trends in Managed Services Operations. Many of these organizations are looking to capitalize on the rise in corporate demand for managed IT support, and therefore need to identify the managed service solutions that promise the greatest profit potential.

  7. Measures Of Success In Backup & Recovery

    Remote backup is one of the most popular items in a foundational service for many managed services providers (MSPs). The abilities to build comprehensive backup systems and ensure data is located across distributed physical locations are crucial challenges to many small and medium-sized business customers served by MSPs.

  8. Preventing Disasters In Tornado Alley

    For an MSP in the heart of Tornado Alley, backup and disaster recovery tools are standard equipment

  9. Disaster Resistant Technology Saves The Day After Hurricane Sandy

    Since opening their business a few days before 9/11, this MSP have weathered several disasters—from terrorist attacks and economic recession to hurricanes, floods, and blizzards.

  10. Cloud Services Provider Delivers Reliability With Cisco And KEMP

    Peak 10 leverages LoadMaster Software on Cisco UCS to maximize availability and performance of unified data center environment.