White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Sanford Expands City-Wide Installation Of Genetec Solution To Manage And Protect Newly Built Public Safety Complex
    The city of Sanford, Florida, is located less than 30 miles northeast of Orlando and serves as the seat of Seminole County. It is well over 130 years old and home to a diverse population of just over 53,000.
  2. City Of Aspen, Colorado, Installs Genetec’s AutoVu IP License Plate Recognition System To Monitor Parking
    The city of Aspen, Colorado, at an elevation just shy of 8000 feet, is a popular ski and snow destination resort. It draws a large tourist population every year, including a number of world-famous celebrities.
  3. Port Freeport Invests In The Latest IP Video Surveillance Technology
    With massive cargo ships coming into the port daily from Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, and many more, and employing well over 13,000 people, Port Freeport uses video surveillance technology to ensure the safety of its employees as well as to ensure the smooth execution of daily operations. More so, as one of the fastest growing ports on the Gulf Coast, Port Freeport is in constant surveillance of incoming threats from the water perimeter.
  4. CMOS And CCD — Small Differences Along The Way From Light To A Signal
    Historically, CCD (charged coupled device) sensors have existed much longer than CMOS sensors, that is to say, for more than 40 years. Due to constant improvement and optimization over the years, CCD sensors today stand for excellent image quality. In 2009, the American scientists Willard Boyle and George E. Smith were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for the invention of the CCD sensor. Originally developed in 1969 for the storage of data, the potential of the charge coupled device as a light sensitive apparatus was soon realized.
  5. Integrated And Networked Physical Security
    A traditional security system is composed of a variety of subsystems such as video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection alerts. By themselves, each of these systems is a critical component of a sophisticated security infrastructure. But for the most part, these platforms operate as separate components without the ability to communicate with each other. This inability to share critical security information between devices and platforms leads to missing data, which can result in security hazards and lapses.
  6. Preserving Irreplaceable Video Evidence
    There’s no margin for error when it comes to public safety. Metropolitan police departments all across the country are doing their best to deter criminal activity. When it can’t be prevented, the agencies want to apprehend and help to successfully prosecute the perpetrators. With human resources stretched thin, video surveillance has become a critical tool in the war on crime. Video surveillance puts thousands of extra “eyes” on the street, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  7. Control Access And Protect Assets With Print-On-Demand Intelligent ID Cards
    Fraud and theft are constant threats to any organization, and the protections put in place against malicious activities must constantly evolve. To solve this challenge, businesses are deploying multiple levels of security, of which access cards are a critical component.
  8. Case Study: Community Medical Center In Fresno
    Community Medical Centers (Community) is the largest and most comprehensive hospital system in California’s San Joaquin Valley.
  9. Axis Network Cameras And Video Servers Provide City And Travelers With Real-Time Traffic Information
    The New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) wanted to upgrade its existing traffic monitoring system, which was based on analog technology.
  10. Physical Security: How To Achieve Greater Levels Of Functionality While Reducing Cost And Complexity
    This white paper outlines the benefits of these pre-bundled solutions.