Managed Services Executive Commentary

  1. 3 Trends Changing How MSPs Work

    The managed services market is changing rapidly and, if you are not staying on top of the plethora of new technologies introduced almost daily you’ll find yourself left behind, struggling to stay relevant. By Corey Kirkendoll, President/CEO, 5k Technical Services and ASCII Group Member Since 2016

  2. Will You Survive The MSP-Vetting Process?

    When it comes to prospecting, both you and your potential client want to make sure the relationship is mutually beneficial. By Mike Bloomfield, president, Tekie Geek and ASCII Group Member since 2016

  3. 6 Reasons Your Company Should Have A Blog

    The mention of the word blog may conjure up visions of outdated strategies from more than a decade ago. By Jenna Hardie, Account Manager, Compass Integrated Communications

  4. Everything You Need to Know About EHS Software

    Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) software acts as a database-driven enterprise to help EHS managers handle key components of regulation and compliance. Let’s take a closer look at what EHS software is and what you need to know about it. By Jessica Foreman

  5. 5 Tips To Manage A Customer-Centric Service Catalogue

    Providing your customers sufficient and correct information to do their jobs is vitally important. So, when serving your users through the use of an online service catalogue, there is a great deal you need to take into account in managing expectations properly. By Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord, president, TOPdesk US

  6. The Importance Of Business Outcomes In The Evolving IT Space

    Convergence is forcing VARs and MSPs to evolve and offer a more complete package. Customers today are looking for more out of their technology, and partners unwilling or not equipped to deliver that risk losing business to competitors that can. By Adam Dawson, Marketing Communications Manager, TBI

  7. Why Manufacturers Are The New Solutions Provider

    Your channel partners are no longer an extension sales team. If this comes off as a contrarian point of view, you’re right — this disconnects from conventional thinking. By Alex Weinbaum, Computer Market Research

  8. The First Person To Attempt To Swim The English Channel And What It Has To Do With Sales

    Tragically, no one knows the name of the first who tried to swim the English Channel. As folklore goes, he made it halfway to France, figured he couldn’t continue, then turned around and swam back to England. He did not get the recognition, success or glory that would’ve been his had he completed the swim. By Gil Cargill, Sales Acceleration Coach

  9. 5 Reasons To Make The Move To Managed Services

    Discussion around simplicity, security, and service are dominating the MSP marketplace, bringing more demand and attention to managed IT services. At the same time, continued advancements in IT automation, integration, and all-in-one platforms — combined with a growing number of well documented how to guides, pitfalls to avoid, and best practices to adopt — are fueling a managed services transition for channel partners.

  10. Partners To The Rescue: How To Protect And Educate Clients From Insider Threats

    As dedicated, go-to technology resources, VARs and IT service providers are in a unique position to help their clients stay ahead of an increasing vulnerability faced within organizations today — the invisibility factor of insider threats. By Isaac Kohen, Teramind