White Papers & Case Studies

  1. ECM And SharePoint Yields Impressive ROI
    This case study exposes the incredible ROI experienced by Canada’s largest credit union through integrated ECM and SharePoint — generating in the neighborhood of $500,000 in savings annually.
  2. Remote Workers Need Document Management Too
    In order to put together the ideal document management solution for remote workers first think about what workers need to do with documents to perform their job effectively.
  3. Eliminate Redundancy And Inefficiency Through Consolidated Content Management
    In this case study, MemorialCare Health System overcame content management redundancies, which later become inefficiencies and the increased cost of maintaining the infrastructure of multiple ECM systems.
  4. White Paper: Document Compliance Management Ushers In A New Order
    A frequently unaddressed challenge is that companies' most confidential documents are often those that travel the most outside the enterprise.
  5. Document Scanning Eases The Workload Of 200,000 Annual Patient Visits
    The question facing MercyCare Community Physicians (MCCP) in late 2007 was simply this: What was the best way to handle the huge record-processing workload generated by more than 200,000 patient visits a year? This included record capture, storage, filing, cross-referencing, sharing, and making those medical records instantly accessible.
  6. Are Your Forms Costing You?
    HSC, also known as the Hospital for Sick Children, is like most healthcare organizations feeling a strong push to go electronic. The hospital selected an EHR solution from HMS to address these initiatives in the clinical setting, however HSC had already identified another paper-laden challenge to address — preprinted forms.
  7. End-To-End Document Solution Supports Multichannel Customer Communications
    In this case study, TRYG, the second largest insurer in the Nordic region, shares insight on the success it’s experienced by taking end-to-end control of content to create personalized, customer-friendly business documents.
  8. Build A Flexible Platform For Critical Business Applications
    This case study takes a look at how an ACM (adaptive case management) implementation enables one financial institution to centralize processes and document control, thus ensuring both contract and cost management.
  9. Pacific Northwest’s Largest School District Enrolls Fortis To Reduce Document Retrieval From Hours To Minutes
    Along with a student body of this size comes enormous amounts of paperwork. Portland Public Schools needed an efficient, secure way to share, archive, and retrieve student documents.
  10. University Of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center - A Center Of Excellence For Clinical And Operational Applications
    Learn how the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center's implementation of EMC Documentum xCP and EMC Captiva intelligent enterprise capture centralized a formerly disparate range of applications under a single platform, saving them $1.8M in health information management system hosting fees and strengthening the hospital's compliance with key regulations, procedures, and patient privacy. By EMC Corporation