Case Study

Zero VFX Prospers On High-Performance, Scalable Storage Network

Source: BlueArc Corporation

Zero VFX is one of the big success stories in the digital visual effects industry. Founded by three veteran artists and producers, the company has grown to more than 30 people in less than two years and has built an impressive resume of work on feature films and advertising for some of the world's biggest brands. And it has accomplished all of this even though it is not based in one of the industry's traditional hubs. As the company quickly took on more work and more complex work it realized it needed to upgrade its storage infrastructure so that it could deliver on the promise of quality demanded by its founders. For sheer performance and simple scalability, Zero VFX chose a Mercury solution from BlueArc. As a result, the company is not only setting new quality standards, it has in place a solution that is helping to deliver eye-opening video effects to its customers and peace of mind to its founders.

In the beginning of 2010, Zero VFX was a dream in the eyes of its founders, three of the leading artists and producers in the digital video effects industry. The dream was to build a world-class visual effects studio based in Boston, doing breakthrough work in advertising and feature films. At the time, Boston was not exactly a hotbed of activity for visual digital effects, certainly not compared to traditional digital media centers in Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York. Nevertheless, in January of that year the start up team set up shop in the basement of one of the founders, armed with the dream and enough of a technology base to get started, including a $4,000 Netgear network attached storage system.