Article | February 13, 2015

Why Your IT Clients Need A Formal Mobility Policy

Source: CompTIA

By Trisha Leon, contributing writer

HIPAA Mobility Management

The CompTIA paper, “The Mobility Ecosystem,” says mobility, a trend born in the consumer market, continues to increase in enterprise potential. Varied and complex, mobility introduces devices, applications, and connections different from those traditionally used in businesses. With many employees bringing their own devices to the workplace also creates both challenges and opportunities. According to CompTIA research, only 24 percent of companies have put a formal mobility policy in place.

Although devices are only a piece of the mobility puzzle, they are central components to the mobility ecosystem and must be addressed in policy. End users feel a personal connection to their devices; policymaking can be more challenging and end users must be made aware of the risk of possible loss of data if the device is lost or stolen.

Applications are another important component in the mobility ecosystem. There are vast differences in the ways apps function, so close attention must be paid to the use of memory and cache; as well as to the network and data use.

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