Guest Column | April 27, 2012

Why You Should Get CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certified Now

Terry Erdle

By Terry Erdle, executive vice president, skills certification, CompTIA

Which types of end users care about this certification?

The cloud computing market is growing exponentially, and there are scores of IT and business positions that require cloud competence. We think CompTIA Cloud Essentials will help businesses gain and validate foundation-level cloud computing knowledge and skills.

Do you have an example of a VAR leveraging a CompTIA certification to win a deal?

This certification is still in its infancy, as it was launched in late 2011. Approximately 140 individuals have earned the credential to date. We can’t direct you to a specific, particular deal win that’s attributable to earning the cloud certification. But, we’re confident that resellers who add CompTIA Cloud Essential to their list of qualifications will see measurable benefits in dollars and cents. The cloud brings fundamental changes and challenges to the VAR community, which must continually adapt in order to succeed. Businesses are pursuing a cloud strategy for many reasons — such as cost savings, agility, or enabling new business opportunities — and decision makers from various areas are likely to inquire about cloud solutions. Resellers need to educate themselves on cloud business opportunities. CompTIA Cloud Essentials is a good first step.