Guest Column | September 3, 2014

Why You Should Charge Your Customers More

By Donald D'Ambrosio, President and CEO, Oxygen Funding

Charge Your Customers More

Whether you provide conventional IT, cloud backup services, professional automation packages or high tech security, you can and should charge your customers more than you currently do. Here’s why.

First, because smart B2B service providers target companies that can afford to pay more.

Hopefully you have done that, whether your marketing is done by word of mouth, Internet or traditional advertising. If the companies you are prospecting have nice facilities, that is the first indicator that they can afford to pay more for professional services like yours.

The next indicator can be found by a simple search: Who do they do business with? Often, you can find that information by checking out the LinkedIn page of the department head you plan to contact. If he has worked with other service providers of your caliber, that should dispel any hesitation you have about charging a price that is on par with your high quality service. If he will pay more for them, he will pay more for you — as long as your service is as good as you say it is.  

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