Guest Column | July 31, 2014

Why Sharing — Not Managing — Is The Key To Leveraging Data

Ben Zifkin, CEO of Hubba

Ben Zifkin, CEO of Hubba, explains creating ways to share data is ultimately more beneficial than “managing” data, which can bring information flow to a halt.

Q: You have referred to “the myth of data management.” Can you explain why you consider it to be a myth?

Zifkin: Full, comprehensive, 100 percent-accurate data is a fairy tale that all organizations are sold by large software vendors. Everyone wants to believe. The reality is that an organization is an organic, dynamic, and ever-changing entity. Chasing this myth paralyzes companies from sharing information so we are stuck in a cycle where the information flow just stops. 

Q: How should IT solutions providers best help their clients? What kind of technology should clients implement?

Zifkin: Sharing is the key to managing information: 100 percent accurate data that nobody uses is far less effective than 85 percent accurate data that is widely used and continues to get better through communication and collaboration. The best thing that technology providers can do is to create solutions that drive users to share and provide the tools to constantly receive feedback on their data to improve incrementally.

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