Webinar | February 25, 2016

Why Security Isn't Enough To Stop Ransomware

Source: Webroot

The best IT Security will only help stop infections from ransomware like CryptoLocker and CryptoWall, but if your vendor is promising 100% prevention then you should be very wary. Webroot SecureAnywhere has some of the most advanced defenses against ransomware but still a few of our 50,000+ business customers were infected in 2015.

Of course some companies don’t take any precautions and rely on their back-ups when they’re hit, while others simply pay-up to get their data back – as they’ve no other choice. We even had the FBI recommending that as a strategy this year, simply roll-over and pay up to the extortionists – not a great recommendation from a Government Department.

This webinar looks at:

  • The development of ransomware and the reality business of all sizes have to face in counteracting it?
  • What the new variants are and what they do?
  • How ransomware is avoiding AV as well as also sometimes getting past next generation malware prevention?
  • What your best tactics are, and the practical steps for minimizing the impact of ransomware, should you be infected?

Whether you’re an SMB; an MSP or MSSP or a large Enterprise the best defense is understanding the risk and having appropriate, relevant and effective measures in place to stop extortionists holding your company to ransom.

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