Magazine Article | April 15, 2015

Why RMM Is Right For Retail

By The Business Solutions Network

While it requires a different mindset for retail VARs who aren’t used to selling annuity services, remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a service that retail customers need.

When you read the majority of managed services feature stories and case studies in Business Solutions magazine, you may notice that whenever an end customer is referenced it’s not likely a retailer. For years, the prevailing thought among retail VARs was that their customers were different and didn’t fit the mold for managed services (of which RMM is a fundamental component). In all fairness, PC workstations and servers are different from POS (point of sale) terminals, cash registers, MSRs (mag-stripe readers), scales, and receipt printers.

All differences aside, however, retailers are feeling the pressure to do more with less, adopt new technologies to create a competitive advantage, and improve the customer experience just like other types of companies. So, the big question is: Is retail (finally) ready for RMM (and other managed services)? I spoke with industry experts from Continuum, LogicNow, N-able by SolarWinds, and Vigilix to get their perspective on this question as well as their advice to retail-focused IT solutions providers (ITSPs) that are looking to add or grow their recurring revenue.