Guest Column | November 29, 2012

Why Now Is The Right Time To Deploy Windows Server 2012

Kevin Noreen

From necessity to convenience, you'll find a lot to like in the new Microsoft Server OS

By Kevin Noreen, Dell PowerEdge Servers Group

The march toward cloud computing continues to accelerate. Those who do not “adapt and adopt” run the risk of being left behind, technologically and competitively. In an era where technology is expected to drive profitability, you need the versatility, availability and scale that cloud computing promises.

IT market researcher Gartner predicts worldwide cloud services revenues will approach $150 billion by 2014, equally driven by the need for software, infrastructure and platforms. Moving to the cloud requires a top-to-bottom strategy involving every department IT touches. Therefore, you need to keep many things in mind with a cloud deployment, including:

  • Determining the right cloud approach—private, public or hybrid
  • Identifying the right architecture and security; the right mix of services, such as SaaS, PaaS or IaaS
  • Migrating legacy applications and how to change your future development patterns
  • Developing best practices to minimize risk

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