Guest Column | October 1, 2012

Why It Pays To Oil The Machine

By Brian Sherman

“Work smarter, not harder,” is a refrain most everyone has heard, but unless there’s someone telling the how, or a manual showing them how to accomplish that goal, many will keep repeating their usual activities with little deviation. Process improvements should be a continual process with every business, though change often takes place only when a company or its employees encounter problems or respond to outside forces.

Of course, in the IT industry, change is a part of the everyday activities. As innovation and customer needs continue to grow at breakneck speed, solution providers have to adapt their business practices just as fast (if not faster) to stay ahead of their competition.

Consider the transformation that’s taken place in the IT channel over the past decade, between the introduction of cloud and managed services to the advances in IT security and mobility. Those changes go much deeper than the portfolio each solution provider manages, requiring a shift in the way they do business. With a greater focus on recurring revenue, process efficiency is more important than ever.      

To create that “well-oiled machine,” solution providers often seek the help of industry associations and experienced IT channel coaches, as well as vendor and distribution partners. Access to industry best practices and tools that can help them improve a variety of their business practices is invaluable, but the key to success is making sure every employee is on board.