Newsletter | July 14, 2020

07.14.20 -- Why Hackers Hack: It's Your Business To Care!

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A Better Approach To Data Center Cooling

The standard approach to data center cooling has been to keep data centers at a constant, cold temperature. However, as energy prices rise and as capacity concerns become more prevalent, data center operators need a better solution than this one-size-fits-all approach.

New Products For New Times: APG’s Guardiant Shields

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced both consumers and businesses to rethink their activities and priorities. As restrictions that temporarily halted eat-in restaurant and in-store sales start to ease, many consumers are weighing the benefits against the risks of resuming their patronage of these businesses.

Restaurant POS Can Handle Wave Of Crowds At Jersey Shore

Hurricane Sandy. Lightning storms. Flooding. These are the punches that Mother Nature has dealt restaurant managers at the Jersey Shore in recent years. Also a challenge for these managers is running a business during the busy summer months. Everything, especially the point of sale system, has to be up and running at top performance during these peak times.

Work From Home May Mean Working From Personal Devices; Don’t Forget Backup And Security

During remote work, many employees are forced or simply able to use personal devices for business-related activities. This presents unique security concerns.

Why Hackers Hack: It's Your Business To Care!

As cybersecurity grows more complex, criminals around the world are evolving along with it. Their methods leave you vulnerable and many organizations are at risk. Staying informed on this ever-changing landscape is vital. In this educational eBook, we explore the minds of hackers and open the window into their world.

Best Processes For Onboarding New Clients

The onboarding process is your new client’s first true exposure to your firm’s support process. If done successfully, it cements a productive and profitable relationship. If done poorly, it makes your firm look disorganized and unprepared.

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Go To Market In The New Cybersecurity Landscape

Today’s evolving threat landscape, increased regulations, and the influx of Big Data has made cybersecurity a top concern among SMBs. What’s more, the recent crisis around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is forcing SMBs to rapidly adapt to new security requirements. Your customers need cyber-resiliency now more than ever and will be looking to you for guidance during these difficult times.

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