Magazine Article | January 6, 2010

Article: Why Embrace SharePoint?

By Erin Harris

You may have heard of SharePoint, Microsoft's version of the "intranet", a website that's internal to an organization. So, it should come as no surprise that SharePoint's entrance to the ECM space is impacting the industry and the VARs offering it to their customers. Some VARs still resist the need to offer SharePoint integration along with its solution sales. However, VARs can play an integral role by helping companies understand what SharePoint is and isn't, and then offer them a custom solution made from a collection of third-party applications designed to support SharePoint. To corroborate this point, I talked to Chris Yardley, reseller channels sales and marketing manager at Adlib Software. And as predicted, he provided valuable information for skeptical VARs.

Used with permission from Business Solutions magazine.