Newsletter | March 18, 2020

03.18.20 -- Why A Backup And Recovery Strategy Is Essential

  Why Hackers Hack: The Profile

From white hat to black hat, hackers range from ethical to extremely destructive. Join us on Thursday, March 26, at 2:00 p.m. EDT for Why Hackers Hack: The Profile. You will learn what makes cybercriminals tick and how to protect your business from today's sophisticated black hat hackers. Won't be able to attend? Please register to be sent an on-demand recording of the webinar in order to still have access to the educational content! 

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2020 Threat Report

Today, each of us expects to receive personalized, relevant, and immediate experiences, quickly and without lag, via cloud, mobile, social, and artificial intelligence — while simultaneously expecting our personal data will remain secured and private. The retrospectives, trends, and predictions in this report cover a broad range of threat activity and what remains to be seen this year.

Why A Backup And Recovery Strategy Is NOT Optional

It’s a scenario we see far too often: All of a company’s data is stored and managed on a single server. It’s protected by a backup server, sure, but even that is kept on the same domain as everything else. One day, the domain is hit by ransomware that not only shuts down the servers, but also corrupts backup data. So, what then?

MSPs: Your Security Vendor Should Integrate With More Than Just Your RMM And PSA

For many MSPs, integrating their security solution with their remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional service automation (PSA) platforms is essential for doing business. Together, these platforms help lower the cost of keeping up with each client, ensuring profitable margins for a healthy, growing business.

Why Simplified Security Awareness Training Matters For MSPs And SMBs
In a recent report by the firm 451 Research, 62 percent of SMBs reported having a security awareness training program in place for their employees, with half being “homegrown” training courses. As a growing number of MSPs begin to offer security awareness training as a part of their bundled services, and more small and midsize businesses are convinced of its necessity, choosing a product that’s easy to implement and manage becomes key.
Business Endpoint Protection
Webroot Business Endpoint Protection takes a predictive, adaptive, multi-layered approach to stopping attacks in real time and defends many different types of physical and virtual systems and their users against modern, multi-vector threats. It is a faster and significantly more effective alternative to traditional business antivirus solutions.