Guest Column | May 31, 2012

Who's Your Best Virtualization Solution Candidate?

Scott Sims 2X Software

By Scott Sims, GM, the Americas theater, 2X Software

Which end customers can benefit from virtualization technologies?
The benefits of desktop virtualization can be reaped in many divisions of a company, and for end users the benefits range from the obvious to what happens in the background of their computing system.

Mobility and access are available but not limited to one’s physical proximity to the office. Users have the ability to log-on to their office computing environment from home. Here, the reward is two-fold: First, users like the ability to log in from anywhere. The ability to allow work-from-home incentives is highly valued by employees. Mid- and upperlevel management employees also appreciate the ability to log in from home or on the road and experience the same functionality and performance they have in the office. Second, because any Internet enabled device can be the computing system, many savvy users operate from a tablet or smartphone and don’t have to lug a laptop on planes or into the boardroom.

With each login users have a solid and predictable computing system because each time they are getting a fresh desktop image with all OS and software patches updated; it is like a new PC every time. Not only will users be free of the frustration of a system malfunction that requires waiting for IT repair, the desktop team is freed from troubleshooting errors caused by unauthorized updates because all such changes are cleared when the user exits the system.