Guest Column | June 20, 2012

Who Are The Beneficiaries Of Virtualization?

Scott Sims 2X Software

By Scott Sims, GM, the Americas theater, 2X Software

Having read the first two segments of my desktop virtualization series, you have learned a little about virtualization, some forms of virtualization, and have started thinking about those in your company who would benefit from virtual environments and where your IT department can save time and improve resource management.

The next step in implementing virtual desktops is selecting the tools for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

VDI hardware, software and services client. One of the attractions to virtual desktops is the flexibility of the client. An old PC, a thin client or any other device with wireless connectivity can be function as the client. The client becomes nothing more than a portal to the working environment.

Booting. The client connects to the server using some method of booting up traditionally through the hard drive or OS. If your user interface is a thin client and does not have an OS locally installed then a Preboot eXecutiuon Environment (PXE) can be implemented. Commonly this plug-in is available through your virtualization software provider.