Newsletter | October 28, 2019

10.28.19 -- When IT Sales Suck, Do This

Featured Editorial
Drone Threats = Tech Opportunities
A Conversation with D. Valle

Earlier this year, our interest was piqued when World Wide Technology (WWT) announced its involvement in a managed solution for drone defense technology called Dedrone. We caught up with Daniel Valle, chief technologist, EMEA Service Providers Group at WWT, for some background on the story and insight into the market opportunity his company sees in drone defense.

Can "IT People" Be Compassionate?
By Don Crawley

Is it necessary for you to be a compassionate and empathetic person in order to provide technical services? Of course not, but your compassion and empathy skills are what make you easy to work with, help you build successful relationships, earn the respect of your coworkers and customers, and, when combined with technical competence, will help you build a successful business or career.

When IT Sales Suck: Manage Through Or Manage Out
By Steve Riat and Nathan Austin

There are many pitfalls in sales, but I do believe that these seven are the top repeated ones that lead to poor performance. Taking time to look for these before they become a detriment to your organization can keep your company producing at the highest level.