Article | June 1, 2018

When Good Batteries Go Bad

Source: Global Technology Systems, Inc.
Bad Battery

Your customers’ success depends on their mobile devices, which are only as good as the batteries that power them

All batteries go bad. And that is not good for your clients’ business operations.

Batteries are sophisticated packages of chemicals, and these chemicals degrade over time from use and abuse, rendering mobile devices useless. In fact, the reactionary response may even be to get rid of the device, when really the bad battery is to blame.

Modern mobile devices rely on lithium batteries. Lithium is an energy-dense element, which allows the battery to work for about 500 cycles, a cycle being defined as full charge and discharge. During those 500 cycles, the battery gradually loses its capacity to hold a charge -- building up impedance. Once those 500 cycles are up, the chemicals degrade, and the device’s ability to hold a charge begins to drop dramatically. Mobile device users become frustrated, workflows come to a halt, and money is spent needlessly on new batteries. A VAR that understands the client’s frustration can now offer a solution that saves money, reduces downtime, and increases productivity.

Global Technology Systems, Inc.