White Paper

What To Consider Before Investing In Capture: A Detailed Look At Intelligent Enterprise Capture

Source: EMC Corporation

Although paper has, in many cases, been replaced by electronic forms and files, paper documents still play a critical role in today's business environment. And paper poses obstacles to getting information to the right people and systems in an efficient and timely way. For example, it costs a typical business $20 simply to file a single document, and another $120 every time someone goes looking for it. Worse yet is losing paper: re-create a single document and you'll drain 25 hours out of your labor pool.

Intelligent enterprise capture solutions address these obstacles. These solutions can scan documents, identify all of the information, and deliver the document and the data to a back-end system where the information can be stored and processed more effectively. The digital format retains all the business-critical information while eliminating the inefficiencies and redundancies of moving paper through a system multiple times.

Unfortunately, while many organizations have implemented capture systems, most have deployed document capture on a department-by-department basis. While these implementations may have addressed specific issues at the time they were deployed, they often fail to meet unique enterprise-wide requirements—and they are rarely able to support an organization whose capture needs have changed. Intelligent enterprise capture provides a single platform for tackling the challenge of managing the paper and data received by various departments, as well as branch, regional, and field offices anywhere around the world. Smaller implementations are also appropriate, as intelligent enterprise capture can be implemented quickly and scales easily to meet new demands. As companies re-evaluate their business needs with the understanding that paper processing remains an unsolved challenge, many are looking to intelligent enterprise capture to fully extend and automate their document capture processes.