Guest Column | December 10, 2015

What's In Store For Point Of Sale In 2016?

By Paul Constantine, president of ScanSource POS and Barcode


2015 proved to be an exciting year for the point-of-sale market with the looming EMV deadline and the increased interest in the managed services side of the business. 2016 promises to build on that excitement. Here are a few predictions for 2016.

1. Payment solutions will (still) be all the buzz.  The EMV deadline has come and gone. We have seen continued interest in retailers looking to their resellers to upgrade their terminals to become chip and pin compliant. We think that is just the tip of the iceberg. As this scales down to the midmarket, we see this as being a multi-year cycle. New technologies, like point-to-point point encryption, that provide more security will continue to be of interest in the market.  We also see this payment cycle as an incentive for retailers to evaluate their entire POS system, which of course brings even more potential opportunities for the reseller. As retailers look at upgrading their payment systems, they are also thinking of upgrading their entire system.  They are questioning whether they should get it all done at once and resellers need to be ready to advise them.

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