Article | September 18, 2013

What I Learned At RetailNOW

Source: RSPA
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By Bob Goldberg, RSPA General Counsel

One of the most beneficial investments of my time is attendance at RetailNOW. I just returned from Las Vegas and look forward to impmenting the new knowledge and ideas obtained. By interacting with dealers and suppliers my understanding of the industry and its trends grows significantly. It is one thing to hear the legal issues of RSPA members on a daily basis, but it is another to learn the directions and the opportunities that exist.

I have worked with dealers as they transitioned from mechanical cash registers to sophisticated point-of-sale systems. Today it is tablet applications and their price point that create concern in the marketplace. With each new technology, independent dealers have met the challenge and prospered. Software as a Service (SaaS) was the buzzword of note throughout the conference. Along with this new nomenclature, there has been a new financial model introduced as well. The technology is more demanding, the pricing less exact, but the dealers are adapting and prospering. While the technology grows so does the dealer’s knowledge and expertise. RetailNOW provided valuable industry information, suggestions, resources and guidance in this changing environment.

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