Guest Column | September 9, 2013

Ways To Use PSA Reports To Improve Your Business

By Vince Tinnirello, CEO, Anchor Network Solutions, Inc., ASCII Group member since 2008

If you are like many managed services providers (MSPs), you use your professional services automation PSA software primarily as a ticketing system.  You might use your customer relationship management (CRM) program and a little bit of project management, but that is probably all. It's a common struggle that many MSPs share, as they grow from a smaller MSP or break-fix business, into a larger managed services practice: how to better utilize the PSA systems they pay for each month.

While PSA easily can handle most of the basic blocking and tackling functions such as service desk, project management, and CRM, it can also provide valuable reporting data to manage your business and measure its operational efficiencies and performance.

Depending on the PSA you use, some reports may be standard, and already present in a report library, while others may need to be custom built, using the reporting engine. Listed below are five key reports that all MSPs should be using to measure their businesses each month: 

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