Guest Column | September 17, 2013

5 Ways To Turn Training Into A Revenue Generator

By Dan Schwab, co-president, D&H Distributing

In the commercial world, by definition, almost everything comes with a price tag. In that case, it’s difficult for businesses to pass up free resources when they are presented. Whether you’re a reseller or an end user, everyone is looking for more resources to augment their skills and allow them to conduct a greater volume of business. 

Training holds a special allure in this vein:  Resellers can use it to build certifications and increase their level of exclusivity and authorization, extending the breadth and type of work VARs can conduct.  Yet, it can also be leveraged as a partner offering and provided to end users as a value-added service, enhancing the VAR’s proposition as a trusted advisor.

Either way, training is one of those highly valued, win-win assets.  It can be a sales tool to attract new customers, or a tool to educate the reseller’s customer base, empowering companies to deploy more sophisticated solutions. A quality training program can help VARs differentiate themselves.  Here are five ways solution providers can leverage training to their advantage.

1. Teach Your Customers What They’ll Gain

Business people have all heard how technology can save them money and produce considerable ROI, but not all of them comprehend how.  Many providers have experienced successful results offering seminars on how to achieve savings through an IT investment that will make them more productive and efficient. 

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