Guest Column | April 3, 2014

Video In Contact Centers: How WebRTC Can Help


By Chad Hart, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Dialogic

There isn’t much love lost between consumers and the average call center. Customers complain that they either listen to unending Muzak while waiting for live representatives, or they’re sent through a maze of unhelpful, automated prompts. Web-based customer service, either of the self-help or live chat variety, has offered a reprieve for consumers who want better service and companies that want greater efficiency without sacrificing customer experience. That option is about to get even more attractive as the Web real time communications (WebRTC) protocol gains ground.

What you and your customers need to know about WebRTC

WebRTC is a low-cost, practical way to transport multiple communication streams — audio, video, and data — through the Web, all at the same time. This is a major shift from the static, text-based content and occasional downloadable video that has dominated most websites until now. Traditional telephony systems that use VoIP and TDM (time division multiplexing) can move audio communications around, but that is often very expensive and completely independent of the Web infrastructure and Web customer experience.  

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