Guest Column | July 10, 2012

Video: As Simple As A Phone Call

Gary Barnett Photo 110x125

By Gary E. Barnett, senior VP and GM, Collaboration Platforms, Avaya

When Alexander Graham Bell said, “Mr. Watson — come here — I want to see you” into the liquid transmitter of the first telephone, he did not of course have a visionary moment, and attached no literal significance to “see you”. Yet, here we are today: 130 years later, and visual communications technology abounds.

Video has long been touted as the new voice. There is no doubt that it is a high growth market, but will the simplicity of other modes of communication such as voice and Instant Messaging prevent its true potential from ever being fully realized? If video is ever to steal the crown to become the preferred method of business communication, the problems businesses have in implementing it, and the opportunities they can seize once it has been installed correctly, must be looked at more vigorously.

When you consider that video is really voice communications enhanced with pictures there is no reason why video conferencing and videodriven collaboration shouldn’t move from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a mainstream business tool. This is especially true when you consider the ROI and business benefits that can be realized. A recent study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, looking at remote and collaborative product development, found that the time needed to bring products to market was reduced by 16% through video collaboration.