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01.08.19 -- VARs, Here's The Positive Side Of Software Piracy

Featured Editorial
The State Of VARs, 2019: Security And Education
  News Feature | By John Oncea, digital editorial director

A coworker was telling me he hasn’t seen a Top Ten Films of 2018 list that doesn’t include Roma. That same concept can be applied to 2019 VAR predictions: Try and find a list that doesn’t include security and education in some way, shape, or form at or near the top. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Self-Fund Your As-A-Service Transition
Magazine Article | By The Business Solutions Network, Channel Executive magazine

The tactics used by this POS VAR to build recurring revenue can be used in any industry.

Put Your IP Value Ahead Of IT Innovation
Guest Column | By Al Limaye, LSI nextgen

As trusted advisors of our customers, we’ll take the brunt of the blame, perhaps deservedly, in the wake of a crisis. It’s our brands on the line, more so than ever today, given we’re putting increasingly complex solutions together. That’s why it’s incumbent upon us to vet partners in much deeper ways to literally know what they offer and will do for us or on our behalf — under all types of circumstances that may arise. We must have no doubt the vendors we choose to support truly have our backs.

Channel Insights
Leveraging Specialized Audio To Help SMBs Build A More Inclusive Staff
Article | By Johannes Kaulfuss, Sennheiser

SMBs looking to invest in sophisticated unified communications networks typically understand the urgency of maintaining a skilled, consistent, and well-seasoned staff to leverage these networks. The savvy business owner will do whatever is necessary to draw superior talent from a wide pool of knowledgeable workers in order to deliver outstanding customer engagement.

Seven Situations Where Cash Is King
Article | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

There are plenty of good reasons to carry cash. You get better control of your budget and will likely spend less than when you use plastic or electronic payments for everything, even a cup of coffee or a candy bar.

5 Steps To Double Your Margins With Office 365
E-Book | SherWeb

Wondering what it takes to be really successful at selling Office 365? We have put together a simple five-step guide for building a competitive bundle to help MSPs like you make stronger margins. 

SMART Marketing Tactics For Small Biz
Article | By Brenda McCurry, vice president, merchandising, RSPA

Marketing can do a great job in helping you keep new business coming in and nurturing existing customer accounts. When you tie your marketing to growth in these accounts, future campaigns become smarter and your sales team is truly extended by your marketing efforts.

5 Ways To Increase Client Satisfaction And Profits
E-Book | ConnectWise

The successful IT solutions provider depends on satisfying customer needs. IT solutions providers need to look for ways to grow, streamline, and automate their traditional break-fix service environment, which is characterized by emergency-based interactions. Instead, they need a more predictable and profitable technology solutions environment.

Turning Piracy Positive: Benefits To Channel Partners From Pursuing License Compliance Opportunities
Article | By Victor DeMarines, Revulytics

The commercial value of unlicensed software in North America and Western Europe alone is $19 billion – that’s 41 percent of the global number despite these regions having lower than average piracy rates (16 percent and 26 percent respectively). On its face this might seem troubling, but it doesn’t need to be: Vendors with software usage analytics capabilities are identifying organizations using unlicensed software and generating significant revenue.

10 Steps To Successfully Educate Your Clients’ End Users About Cybersecurity
Article | Webroot

In the last year, phishing was involved in 93 percent of successful security breaches. But we shouldn’t point the finger at human error alone. Today’s phishing attacks can be pretty convincing. And, ultimately, we’re all in this together. What your clients really need is a solution that empowers end users to be a strong line of defense. They need cybersecurity awareness training.

Episode 10: Tim Conkle & Crystal McFerran, The 20

Tim Conkle and Crystal McFerran of The 20 discuss building tribes of clients and MSPs, scalability and national footprints, an MSP marketing retrospective, why 94 percent of MSPs never see a million dollars, self-awareness and corrective action, what if you don’t get anything back for your marketing and what if you do, education as the ROI on failure, and why everything’s easier with a set of plans.

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