Case Study

Case Study: VAR Takes Smart Approach To Win ERP Install For Retail Chain

Source: 2X Software Inc.

Through Ian's guidance, M.J. Soffe uses the 2X ApplicationServer with its terminal server farm, having taken advantage of the product's scalability by expanding its use following an excellent performance on a limited number of servers initially. The company's terminal servers host roughly 40-60 users each, all Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit servers, and have integrated VMware ESX I4 as a VDI platform. Ian explains that the company's first 2X trial occurred in December of 2007, and that the testing period was extremely rigorous, taking the better part of 18 months to finalize. Ian notes that the product "was particularly easy to implement," only requiring the installation of the 2X Console to the primary host and the 2X Client to each network desktop, with the configuration able to be up and running within an hour. The product was also an easy sell to company management, with a cost far below that of any other viable alternative the company examined.

Though Ian explains that the 2X ApplicationServer changed company application use "across the board," tangible benefits from implementation were primarily seen in three areas: application centralization, environment monitoring, and the application's easy-to-use layout.

Not only was the 2X ApplicationServer easy to implement across the M.J. Soffe terminal server farm, but it's been noticeably simple to use on a day-to-day basis. Users simply log in using the simple 2X Client program installed on their local machines, or through the easily-accessible 2X Web Portal, and are able to use the specific programs administrators have filtered for their use, using the 2X Console.