Article | November 20, 2013

Using Social Media To Achieve Community Outreach

Source: RSPA
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By Ryan J. Holdridge, UI Architect, pcAmerica

Many of us saw our towns “painted pink” last month in the name of breast cancer awareness month. While October has become well-known for raising awareness about breast cancer, the other 11 months of the year are also tied to a variety of causes.

These causes are opportunities for you to think about how your business can do something for your local community while boosting your presence in the community in the process. When you’re planning your next community outreach effort, don’t overlook the power of social media which can help your business achieve a more successful outreach campaign through advertising, promotion and social networking.

The first step is to find a cause that speaks to your community and that you and other businesses can promote effectively. It is always good to find something that you and other businesses are passionate about, so start the conversation by talking with them first. Reach out to other businesses through their Facebook pages and balance that with some face-to-face time with them.

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